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With the New Year stretching out before us it might seem an unusual time for a round-up, but when I was thinking earlier about all the families who’ll be beginning their journey with Tourettes this year, I thought it might be useful to share in one place some of the posts I’ve written over the last seven years. They’re the ones that might help parents, carers, and children manage the challenge of tics, diagnosis and changing circumstances.

I really want as many of them as possible to get off to a good start at a time I know can feel very challenging.

1) In Their Own Words – A post for the parents of children who’ve recently been diagnosed.
2) For When Your Family Needs It – A letter to parents who are finding tics tough.
3) For When Your Teacher Needs It – An open letter you can share with your child’s teachers.
4) Your first Tourettes event – A post about the benefits of meeting others with Tourettes, what to expect, and answers to common concerns.
5) The Essential A-Z – A post that shares information I’ve accumulated working in the field of disability for many years. Everything from Arts to Grants, helplines to railcards, and support plans to Zzzzzs is covered.
6) The FAQs – Answers to many of the common questions about Tourettes and tics from perspective as an adult with the condition.
7) Oliver’s Letter – A brilliant guest post by ten-year-old Oliver about the letter he shared with his school.
8) Idea Amplifier – A video made by young people with Tourettes showcasing their talents and busting some myths.
9) Tough Tics Survivors’ Guide – Some pointers on what to do, ask for, and expect if they intensify.
10) Snow Day – A post from the very beginning that shares my journey with Tourettes.

I hope these are useful. You definitely don’t have to read them all at once but they’re here for you to look at or share whenever you need them. There’s loads more on the site too – situations that have made me laugh, times I’ve cried, and a lot in between.

If you want to share this website with your child there’s a Safe Mode that hides any rude content with one click. If you want to get involved, you could help us spread the word on Twitter and Facebook, comment on blog posts, or get creative and make an image to add to our gallery. Look out for our events too – the next one’s Adventures In Biscuit Land at Tate Modern in March this year.

The most important thing in managing the challenges presented by tics is having the love, support and understanding of family and friends. It can sometimes feel like a lonely journey but I want you to know there’s a vibrant community of people with Tourettes out there ready to offer support. Do get in touch whenever you need to.
“Jammy Dodger parenting.”
“Parenting made biscuit.”
“I’m a parent of a parent of a papaya.”

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