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Over Reacting to the Air

When my overnight support worker Ruth woke up this morning she put the heating on because the castle was a bit chilly.

When my carer Catherina arrived a little later she said how cold it was outside.

And Sophie, who … read more

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For When Your Family Needs It

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen several posts on Facebook that have made me sad. They’ve been from people who have Tourettes themselves, or have a child with the condition, and they’ve related to comments or reactions from their … read more

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Biscuit Land Returns To Stockwell

For the last four weeks I’ve been spending most of my time at the BBC’s historic Television Centre in White City, preparing for our Broadcast From Biscuit Land, which aired on Sunday. Although I’m missing the creative team we … read more

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The Making of Biscuit Land

I can’t quite believe it’s actually happened. Yesterday the vision and skills of many, many people came together to culminate in our Broadcast From Biscuit Land on BBC4.

We’ve been on an incredible journey, brilliantly supported by our friends from … read more

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The Most Live Day Of My Life

In the five years since co-founding Touretteshero I’ve had the chance to do some incredible things I’d never have dreamt possible.

But today we’re about to do something on a totally different scale. I’m terrified, excited and very, very proud … read more


“Happy Explosive Idea Day”

Happy 5th of November! It is of course Fireworks Night, and people across the country will be celebrating the foiling of Guy Fawkes’ plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.

Since I was a kid I’ve felt … read more


The Elephant At The End Of My Arm

Last Saturday I had a nightmare in which I dreamt that my body was rigid and my skin was burning. I woke with a start, unable to move because of a ‘ticcing fit’, with a strange prickling sensation … read more

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Amazing Waves

When I was invited to go on Russell Howard’s Good News and talk about my life with Tourettes, l had no idea it would be so much fun. And I could never have predicted how overwhelming and warm the … read more


Sunday Afternoon Mystery

I managed to get through the whole of Halloween without dressing up or putting on any terrifying make-up, but then this afternoon I ended up in an outfit scarier than anything I could’ve dreamt up!

The reason? A photo-shoot for … read more

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A Time of Magic

My working week’s looked a bit different from usual for the last couple of weeks because I’ve been focusing on our forthcoming Broadcast From Biscuit Land. As a result I’ve missed a lot of this week’s half term playscheme. … read more

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