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Educating the Educators

A few weeks ago I read an incredible blog post by Sophia, a young woman with Tourettes, on the ten things she’d like you to know about the condtion.

I thought it was brilliant, so I asked Sophia… read more

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Porker Stalker

Thanks to Poppy at one end and Chopin at the other, Leftwing Idiot and I have made it safely to Edinburgh. Leaving a scorching London this morning we were very soon reminded that it’s much colder up north.

We’ve settled… read more

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Dog Bingo

Ruth was supporting me as usual last night, but she didn’t come alone – her niece, Shaniah, and nephews Adoni, Zachariah and Shiloh came too.

The first thing Shiloh asked was ‘Can we play in your wheelchair?’ This… read more

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Grandma’s Wave

It’s just over four months since my gran died and today something arrived at the castle that made me think of her and that day again.

It’s a photograph by Ray Collins of a… read more

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The Big Push

This time next week Leftwing Idiot and I will be jumping on a train and heading up to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. All being well, Jess Mabel Jones (AKA Chopin) and our producer, Jolie, will meet us… read more

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Puddles or Booby Traps

I’ve just had a shocking wheelchair crash caused indirectly by the rain that’s been thundering down all day. And it wasn’t because the ground was slippery, as you might have expected. So I’d better start at the beginning.

Earlier this… read more

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Sometimes my tics suddenly pluck a word out of obscurity and through tone, pronunciation, and obsessive repetition, turn it into something surreal.

Today, “mottled” was in for this treatment.

It’s not a word I’ve ever given much thought to, let… read more

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Hitting the Wall

Yesterday evening I hit the wall – a physical wall and a wall of tiredness.

It’d been a busy day and by 11pm I felt my body giving up. I moved from feeling fine to being overtaken by the discomfort… read more

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Goodbyes at The Garden

This evening I sat in the Nature Garden at work surrounded by colleagues, the large green canopy protecting us from gentle drizzle and the barbecue smoking away nearby, loaded with delicious food.

It felt perfect except for one thing. We… read more

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Lottie Fortnight

I mentioned my search for a new support worker a couple of weeks ago. I’m looking for someone to help me at work on a full-time basis. Until now this has been done by a team… read more

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