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Access to Cheers

At the end of last week I wrote Access to Tears, a post describing how, after a long and upsetting process, Access to Work (AtW – the scheme that provides support for working disabled… read more

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As you may know, this year Touretteshero’s celebrating five years of humour and creativity and we kicked off at the beginning of January with a Birthday Survey. Our aim was to have at least 50 responses by the end… read more

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Waving Calves

Everyone who’s ever met me knows I move about a lot! My motor tics (involuntary movements) are frequent, varied and for the most part very obvious. You can’t miss my constant chest banging, erratic head movements, wiggly spine, and… read more

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Biscuit The Dog

Leftwing Idiot just sent me this article. It’s the story of Biscuit the dog! Biscuit held the title of longest-serving resident at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. His stay at the Home had been 22 times longer… read more

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8000 and Up

Earlier this week the Touretteshero Twitter account reached 8000 followers – a milestone.

I don’t normally focus much on numbers of followers, but I really do like counting random things, just to know how many random things there… read more

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Access to Tears

It was a relief to close my eyes and go to sleep last night – they were sore and tired from the tears I’d been shedding hours earlier.

This morning I’m in a reflective mood, determined to write about the… read more

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Frosty The Snowman

Christmas may already be a rapidly fading memory but my tics were in a festive mood this morning when I arrived at work, prompted by the beautiful blanket of frost covering the ground.

Out of the blue, Frosty The Snowman… read more

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The Chihuahuas Are In Town

At the start of December I took part in a showcase of work by artists who’d been supported by the Unlimited programme. It was at the Toynbee Studios and we performed our show Backstage In Biscuit Land which… read more

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The Lamp-Post’s Resolve

January’s a time for health kicks, but the mid-point of the month is often the moment when resolve starts to flag. This morning my tics were well aware of this when they started quizzing the lamp-post about its wellbeing:… read more

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“I Had Sex With A Cat”

I went swimming the other day with my friend and support worker Zoë. We were gliding along next to each other, chatting as we swam.

All of a sudden I ticced “I had sex with a cat.” Zoë turned towards… read more

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