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Tomato Explosion

While Leftwing Idiot and I were having lunch in a café earlier he picked up the tomato ketchup, which came in a squeezy, plastic, tomato-shaped bottle filled to the brim with sauce.

Mischievously he started saying loads of stuff to… read more

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Will’s Dream

Will was supporting me on Saturday night for our final performance of Backstage in Biscuit Land at the Battersea Arts Centre (BAC). Afterwards he stayed at the castle to provide my overnight care and yesterday… read more

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Pricking My Memory

For the last few days we’ve been back at the Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) doing the last three performances of Backstage In Biscuit Land.

I love the BAC building. Originally it was a Town Hall but it’s… read more

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“Who Knew About Cells?”

The ‘ticcing fit’ I had the other evening seemed pretty run-of-the-mill to start with until, much to Will’s amusement, I suddenly started going on about cells. This started simply enough:

“Terror cell, Duracell or carousel? Choose.”

Followed closely by:… read more

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The Tale of the Rat

Describing exactly what it feels like to have a ‘ticcing fit’ to anyone who’s never had one is always a struggle. It’s something that comes up a bit in Backstage in Biscuit Land as well as elsewhere in… read more

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“Scotland Decides … To Dress Like An Octopus”

So today Scotland’s deciding whether to remain part of the United Kingdom or to become an independent country. I’m not about to wade into the political debate about the referendum myself, but unsurprisingly my tics are quite happy to:

“Run… read more

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Gone Conkers

Autumn’s well and truly settling in and I love it. A few years ago it was the time of the year when I’d get grubby and covered in leaves because I was falling down all the time. Now, though,… read more

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Too Many

I was in the car with Fat Sister earlier, driving back to the castle, when a new song burst in completely out of the blue to the tune of Jason Donavon’s ‘Too Many Broken Hearts In The World’:

“There’s too… read more

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Sunday Night With My Siblings

I woke up relaxed and happy after a laid-back weekend. Since July all my weekends have been packed full of performances, festivals or work. It’s been an amazing time, but having a proper weekend off has been lovely too.

Yesterday… read more

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Saturday Night and Your Dog Is Getting High

I know it’s not Saturday, but it was yesterday and my tics seemed aware of that when they chose to repurpose Whigfield’s 1994 classic ‘Saturday Night.’ The tune stayed the same but the lyrics were given a radical… read more

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