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My friend Zoë’s been one of my support workers for over two years. We know each other really well and I feel happy and safe when I’m with her. I often affectionately call her ‘Zo-bags’ and earlier today this name… read more

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And the Winner Is….

At the beginning of last month we launched a competition to find the most popular of my tics. I’ve already got some established favourites myself like, “Replace every chimney in London with a penguin” and “I love it when… read more

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“Lamp-post, Is The Sun Keeping You Up?”

When I looked out of my bedroom window earlier I was very surprised to see my old friend (and, sometimes, arch enemy, irritating neighbour or general scapegoat) the Lamp-post glowing faintly.

It was the middle of the day so… read more

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The Story Of The Ancient Crumb

I’m sitting on my bed to write this post. To my right I can see the garden bathed in wintry sun. To my left is my wheelchair with the remnants of the fake snow from our Christmas video-shoot last month… read more

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Christmas Comes Early In Biscuit Land

Unless you’re particularly grumpy at the moment you must’ve got caught up in the festive spirit, even if only a little. I’ve been working hard getting Christmas cards out and posting people their orders from our shop.

I’ve also… read more

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My Once in a While Bath

I’ve had a ‘ticcing fit’ during the night every night this week which means my sleep’s been very disrupted, leaving me exhausted and achy. So this evening I decided I’d have a bath to help me relax and feel… read more

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The Essential A to Z

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a big funding bid at work for our inclusion project. In the process I’ve looked at a lot of research by some great organisations and it got me thinking about… read more

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Monkey for a Day

I was hanging out with Leftwing Idiot and Kyle at work today. The three of us go back a long way and we have a well-established history of doing silly voices together.

On our way back from lunch it was… read more

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A Relaxed Ending

On Friday, Bunny, Fran, Jolie and I saw an incredible piece of theatre, Hopelessly Devoted, at the Roundhouse in Camden. The play, written by Kate Tempest, is moving, funny and thought-provoking. The characters are brilliantly drawn… read more

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I have a long Word document in which I write this blog. I often make notes for future posts and move ideas and dates about in it. For the last week the words 80-Year-Old Stella have been sitting there in… read more

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