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The Long and the Short of it

In case you haven’t heard or noticed there’s been a bit of a heat wave in the UK over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been mostly enjoying the sunny weather but there’s been one slight drawback – the upsurge… read more

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Your Slogan Here

Well, not right here, but on a t-shirt to be exhibited at the Unlimited Festival which is a disability arts showcase being held at the Southbank in London in September

The competition’s open to young disabled people –… read more

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A Weekend of Loose Ends

In three days we leave for Scotland and by this time next week I’ll have my first performance of Backstage In Biscuit Land at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival under my belt. There’s still loads to do and in the… read more

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Not Wanted at the Party

Fat Sister’s having a party tomorrow, and I’m not invited!

Surely this must be the ultimate snub! It became apparent last night that we were on the brink of a big social event, and I didn’t get a look in.… read more

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New Shops

We’ve been in East London for the last couple of days working on #BIBL with the amazing Graeae Theatre Company, and it’s been incredibly useful.

When we went out for lunch we noticed the increasing… read more

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The Laminatathon

Poppy and I have just finished working on one of the final props for Backstage In Biscuit Land. It’s final as in one of the last to be made, and final as in one of the last… read more

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A Question of Wheels

The other day Sophie and I were on a bus heading to a #BIBL rehearsal. I was in the wheelchair area, chatting to Sophie who was sitting across from me. I was ticcing quite a lot but nobody seemed… read more

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Let There Be Light!

I came back from a well-earned trip to the pub this evening – it was dark already so all the all the streetlights were on. I was chatting to the lamp-posts sporadically as I often do, saying goodnight by touching… read more

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BIBL Scratch

I’ve just woken up from a long and very refreshing sleep. The last two days have been amazing, but very hard work.

On Friday Leftwing Idiot and I finished work and headed straight to Battersea Arts Centre to… read more

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Very Ouch!

At the start of the week I travelled into town to take part in the BBC Ouch team’s monthly podcast. I’ve listened to these podcasts for years and it was great to get another chance to take part… read more

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