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BIBL London

We’re really excited to be bringing Backstage in Biscuit Land to two fantastic London venues this September. We’re very grateful to the Barbican and to the Soho Theatre for stepping in at short notice and making us so… read more

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A Hand Dryer!

I love swimming and I try to go at least twice a week. Recently I’ve been going to a different pool because my nearest one is being refurbished.

The accessible changing facilities at the new pool are much fancier than… read more

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Penis Island

A few days ago an image turned up on wall of the castle that could very easily have been an illustration of a tic. It wasn’t though, and with King Russell prompting me like a royal Roy Walker from read more

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Giving Up The Ghost

A few days ago I mentioned the spooky goings-on in my bathroom. I described how my inflatable bath-lift (which helps me get in and out of the bath) had suddenly started inflating itself in the middle of the night.

This… read more

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The Latest Celebrity Hangout

I’ve spent the last week at the Royal Court Theatre taking part in a writing group. Having the time to think and talk about writing in depth with other writers has been brilliant.

Will’s been supporting and he seems to… read more

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The Innermost Rave

In this morning’s session of the writing group we discussed story structure, and in particular ideas from ‘The Writer’s Journey’, a book by Christopher Vogler. Mark, who’s leading the sessions, explained… read more

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A Fitting Storm

Yesterday, as Will and I travelled back from the writing group at The Royal Court Theatre I started having a ‘ticcing fit’. We were in a cab and Will quickly moved closer,… read more

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Wet Roses

A few days ago I wrote about a conversation my tics had had with the sun-drenched roses outside my bedroom window and I’d wondered if these exchanges would continue.

Today I got my answer. When I… read more

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The Weather System of the Mind

I’m not going to work this week, and I’m glad to say it’s not because I’m ill or checking myself into a day centre post-election! No, this week I’m at the Royal Court Theatre as part of a… read more

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Most of what I write about in this blog relates directly to my experience of life with Tourettes. Today though, I want to talk about something of a more spooky nature altogether. It’s about some mysterious goings on in my… read more

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