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Running Away From The Circus

Back In March eight young creatives with Tourettes from across the country came together for Idea Amplifier a weekend workshop at the Camden Roundhouse in London. They had a mighty task ahead of them… read more

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“Cats Not Cuts”

On May 8th, in Brighton, I woke up to the crushing news that the Conservative Party would again be forming the next Government, this time with an overall majority. Straightaway I determined to turn my great sadness… read more

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Chicken Knees

Ana, my regular morning carer, has been on holiday for the last few weeks, and Veronica, who’s supported me on and off for the last few years, has been taking her place to help me get washed and ready for… read more

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Tooth Post

Just over a week ago a new toothbrush arrived at the castle. This one didn’t belong to a new support worker – it was for me. And for a variety of reasons (excuses) it’s taken me a while to… read more

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New Perspectives

I’ve lived at the castle for almost four years now, and in all that time my bed’s been in exactly the same place. My view from it has remained the same, too, except for the subtle changes broughtread more

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Is It Time to Stop The Race?

I felt strange this morning and I couldn’t work out quite what I felt, or why.

I didn’t feel ill, or tired, or gloomy. But after some reflection I pinpointed a little sadness with a bit of anxiety mixed in.… read more

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My support worker Sophie lives in Cuba for half the year, to escape the winter here, and comes home for the summer. This year her boyfriend Lazaro’s come with her. They’ve been staying at the castle for the last few… read more

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This Is Not A Safety Belt

I have a seatbelt on my wheelchair. For me it’s essential because my body moves around unpredictably.

I’m having an on-going battle with my belt – it needs tightening all the time because it gets stretched out by some of… read more

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The Perfect Invitation

This afternoon Will and I went to our local Town Hall for a meeting.

We passed a member of staff in the corridor and I found myself making the following three statements:

“You need a hair cut.”
“I like… read more

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Face Plant

‘Face-planting’ meaning landing face down in a plate of food should be a familiar enough subject to anyone who’s spent any time watching comedy clips on YouTube.

Today I’ve managed to face-plant into food – twice! Fortunately for me there… read more

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