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Sunday Night With My Siblings

I woke up relaxed and happy after a laid-back weekend. Since July all my weekends have been packed full of performances, festivals or work. It’s been an amazing time, but having a proper weekend off has been lovely too.

Yesterday… read more

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Saturday Night and Your Dog Is Getting High.

I know it’s not Saturday tonight but it was yesterday and my tics seemed aware of that when they chose yesterday evening to repurpose a Whigfield’s 1994 classic ‘Saturday Night’. The tune stayed the same but the lyrics were given… read more

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Reflections Unlimited

A week ago I left the castle with my support worker and got on a bus into town. It was a warm Saturday morning so waiting at the stop was no hardship. It was a good job it wasn’t because… read more

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Blushing My Tics Off

This afternoon my tics made me blush. They very rarely do this, but for a moment my face was hot with embarrassment.

Will and I were in the office along with Leftwing Idiot, and our colleague JP.

We were all… read more

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DLA Renewal

A couple of days ago the renewal form for my Disability Living Allowance (DLA) arrived in the post. I was relieved to see they were for DLA because it meant I wasn’t yet on the list to be assessed… read more

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The Lamp-post’s Still There

I was chatting to my friend Laura on the phone this evening, sitting on my bed looking out of my window. A familiar flicker in the middle distance caught my eye, and my tics responded instantly

“Good evening lamp-post.”

I’ve… read more

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Talking Dirty

Yesterday was another packed day at the Southbank’s Unlimited Festival. I decided to sample Unlimited Voices, a series of panel discussions and debates on subjects relating to disability and art.

The talk I went… read more

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Unleashed on London

This evening Captain Hotknives and I had our first London gig. Actually, not being people to do things by halves, we had three gigs at the Southbank Centre – part of the Unlimited Festival that’s taking… read more

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Saying ‘Yes’ To Soup

After we’d been to the theatre last night Will and I went to a Thai café in Waterloo. We had to wait for a table but I’ve been there before so knew it would be worth… read more

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The Spasms Spoke

When Leftwing Idiot came back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year there was one show he’d seen in particular that’d made a big impression on him. It was Robert Softly Gayle’s ‘If These Spasms Could Speak’, which… read more

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