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Fat Sister Strikes Again

Fat Sister’s a specialist Registrar in a busy South London hospital. Like every doctor I’ve ever met she takes the oath she made to ‘do no harm’ very seriously. Her day and night shifts are always long, she … read more

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Now We Are Six

This time last year Touretteshero turned five, and we promised to invite you to a big birthday party to celebrate. But then things got busy in Biscuit Land and we found ourselves ushering in the New Year without so much … read more

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Access To Work Should Never Be For Sale

It’s 10’oclock, I’ve just got home from work because of a late meeting, I’m not feeling well, and I’ve just come across a horrible leak. And it’s not the watery kind that can be fixed by a plumber. It’s a … read more

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Seeing The Difference

When I was at work this weekend I was lucky enough to witness a moment that was both unremarkable and at the same time, so beautiful that I don’t know if I’ll be able to find the words to describe … read more

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Castle Bouncer

I hung out with a new agency carer this weekend. She was new to me, but as it turns out, she wasn’t new to the castle.

While we were chatting she told me that she’d worked as a bouncer here … read more

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Biscuit Flood, Biscuit Drought

Leftwing Idiot sent me an article earlier that made me laugh. Apparently there have been a number of newspaper reports in the last few days warning of potential biscuit shortages as a result of the recent floods in the North … read more

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Wheel Woes

I have four wheelchairs: my heavy NHS chair, my everyday chair, my all-terrain chair for work and festivals, and a light-weight folding back-up-chair which I had to get when my everyday chair catastrophically broke last August.

As of … read more

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“Nostalgic Squirrel”

I’ve had my beloved “biscuit” tic for almost six years now, and soon it’ll be the longest-serving of my vocal tics … but not quite yet. Before “biscuit” there was “squirrel”, by itself, or with variations like “squirrel, squirrel”, “squirrel … read more

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Dingo or Bingabilty?

Several times a day my tics intensify dramatically – I call these episodes ‘ticcing fits’ because they look seizure-like and need similar management. They have a number of distinct elements any or all of which may happen during … read more

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Retrospective Pigs

Dear Pig Fairy

I know I decided a while ago that I no longer needed to mark each of the days when I didn’t have a ticcing fit with a highly decorated pig-shaped dog toy. But I’ve had a … read more

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