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Power Switch

My tics and I are both big fans of unpredictable outcomes. I like them because I enjoy doing creative activities where anything can happen, and my tics like them because unpredictable is what they do best.

We’re about to put… read more

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Carbon Fibre v Tourettes

Carbon fibre may be five times stronger than steel, but it’s no match for tics!

Last night my much-loved wheelchair suffered a shocking break. I was out at a pub for my friend Lottie’s birthday and chatting… read more

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Instructions Of A Testicular Nature

The other night as I got ready for bed my vocal tics were distracted from their usual focus. The lamp-post I normally chat to as part of my bedtime routine was let off the hook for a change, to… read more

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Hello Ancient Sky

Fifty-eight years ago Jack Kerouac wrote On The Road on a single roll of paper and it became the bible of the Beat Generation. Yesterday evening I went to the Post Office with Will and on the way composed my… read more

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Fat Cat Sister

Last night I stayed with Fat Sister and King Russell. While we were having breakfast this morning King Russell suggested that Fat Sister was in fact part cat. My tics happily took up the challenge of listing her other ingredients,… read more

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