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Our last performance of Backstage in Biscuit Land at the Barbican took place last Saturday and then we sadly said goodbye to this great venue.

It was a beautiful sunny day so I took the opportunity to… read more

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Theatre For Everyone, Lamp-Posts and All

It’s late, I’m exhausted, but I’m happy. Tonight Backstage In Biscuit Land opened at the Barbican’s Pit Theatre. The Barbican Centre has been part of my life since I was tiny. In fact I was born… read more

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“A Big Day For Pigs”

For reasons that are too tasteless to describe here, this post is dedicated to a poor defenceless porker and a well-known wild boar.

When Ed Miliband attempted to eat a bacon sandwich a while back he… read more

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What’s In The System?

I had a ‘ticcing fit’ earlier. Will, who was supporting me, managed to get me onto a mat and wrestle the broom I’d grabbed out of my hands. A few minutes later I found myself ranting about ‘the system’:… read more

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Barbican, Here We Come

Once a week when I was at primary school our class used do the short walk through 1980s Clerkenwell to the Barbican Centre Children’s Library. Every time we got to the familiar brutalist brick paths, which have a… read more

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