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Let There Be Light!

I came back from a well-earned trip to the pub this evening – it was dark already so all the all the streetlights were on. I was chatting to the lamp-posts sporadically as I often do, saying goodnight by touching… read more

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BIBL Scratch

I’ve just woken up from a long and very refreshing sleep. The last two days have been amazing, but very hard work.

On Friday Leftwing Idiot and I finished work and headed straight to Battersea Arts Centre to… read more

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Very Ouch!

At the start of the week I travelled into town to take part in the BBC Ouch team’s monthly podcast. I’ve listened to these podcasts for years and it was great to get another chance to take part… read more

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My First Scratch

I’m off to work in a little while, and until I finish later this afternoon today’s going to be a normal day. But tonight I’m going to be at the Battersea Arts Centre for the first ever scratch… read more

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Diversity in our DnA

Four years ago, Leftwing Idiot took me to meet his friend Atif whom he’d known for a long time as an activist, campaigner and social entrepreneur. At the time Touretteshero was still in its infancy but what we lacked in… read more

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