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“Sacks of Insight.”

When I was about twenty my flatmate, Laura, read a book called ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat’ by neurologist and writer Dr Oliver Sacks. When she finished it she suggested I… read more

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Educating the Educators

A few weeks ago I read an incredible blog post by Sophia, a young woman with Tourettes, on the ten things she’d like you to know about the condtion.

I thought it was brilliant, so I asked Sophia… read more

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Abnormal Antics

I’ve just come off stage after my first ever stand-up comedy gig. This is daunting enough for anyone at the best of times, but thanks to my tics I never know what I’m about to say next. There’s an element… read more

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Porker Stalker

Thanks to Poppy at one end and Chopin at the other, Leftwing Idiot and I have made it safely to Edinburgh. Leaving a scorching London this morning we were very soon reminded that it’s much colder up north.

We’ve settled… read more


Dog Bingo

Ruth was supporting me as usual last night, but she didn’t come alone – her niece, Shaniah, and nephews Adoni, Zachariah and Shiloh came too.

The first thing Shiloh asked was ‘Can we play in your wheelchair?’ This… read more

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