Lunchtime Shower

It’s a blisteringly hot day in London, with highs of 29C. At lunchtime Leftwing Idiot, Innes and I went to get some food from a nearby café. We sat outside and soaked up the sunshine.

But that’s not the only thing I soaked up. I was behaving erratically with my pineapple juice so Innes stepped in to help me, holding the glass while I sipped through the straw, and then moving it safely out of my way.

But then I suddenly reached for a glass of water that was on the table instead, and immediately emptied the whole thing over my head. Innes rushed to help me.

Leftwing Idiot’s approach was slightly different – he edged a second glass in my direction. Predictably, this too went over my head, leaving me totally drenched.

But on a day like today this tic definitely wasn’t a problem – in fact it turned out to be a refreshingly cool idea.

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