Tongue Twisters Tantalise Tourettes

I mentioned last month that we’d been at Battersea Arts Centre for a week working on the very early stages of a new project. During our time there I spent a couple of days working with a voice coach. He gave me a load of exercises that I’ve incorporated into my nightly routine, just after brushing my teeth but before shouting at the lamp-post.

The exercises end with a load of tongue twisters. My tics love these and frequently come up with their own:

“Taylor Swift’s tadpole touched itself with a triffid.”
“Round the ragged tampon the shagpile carpet ran.”
“How can a clam tan when it’s crammed in Elton John’s van?”
Watch this space for more info about our new project, but in the meantime feel free to train your tongue with these tics.

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