Moon Pool

This morning we arrived bright and early at the Skirball Cultural Centre, our LA venue, to load in our show. The space is amazing and we were made incredibly welcome straight away. By mid-afternoon we’d finished setting up so we headed over to West Hollywood to explore.

LA is huge, and pretty much everyone drives everywhere. After a bit of shopping and a delicious meal we headed back to the hotel, and there was still time for Innes and me to have a swim before the pool closed.

It’s an outdoor pool, on the roof of the hotel, and by the time we got in, it was dark and the moon was a grinning sliver in the sky.

We swam under the stars, with the light of the surrounding buildings visible around us, and the hum of the epic freeway in the distance. It was beautiful, and each time I swam towards the moon my tics chatted to it cheerfully:

“Moon, you’re a streak of light on a navy bedspread.”
“Moon, are you grinning at the palm trees?”
“Moon, do you miss Neil Armstrong tickling your pits?”

Each time I swam away, my tics said gently:

“I’m mooning you, moon.”

I feel incredibly lucky to be in this magical place. In Toronto morning swims became part of our routine – here I could get used to a swim before bed.

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