Beach Day

Innes opened the curtains and through the huge window I could see the hills and sweeping roads of LA, already busy with activity. It was cool in my room from the air-conditioning but I knew that outside it would already be hot. We dressed quickly and joined Leftwing Idiot and Chopin in the lobby.

After a quick stop to get snacks at the shop next door we headed to the beach. Our first stop was Paradise Cove in Malibu. It was a small and friendly place – as soon as I got out of the cab I was offered a beach wheelchair by one of the attendants. It was like a monster truck and I happily clambered aboard, leaving my own wheelchair in the care of the attendant.

IMG_1029 copy

Here in LA, valet kiosks are common. Drivers leave their keys with valets who park and take care of their vehicles while they get on with whatever they need to do. This felt like a valet service for wheelchairs.

After hanging out and relaxing for a little while, and on the advice of our amazing cab driver, we decided to head to Venice Beach and then walk along the shore to Santa Monica.

Venice Beach was excellent with lots to see and take in. Innes and I had a swim in the ocean. It was warm and exciting, but the pull of the waves was strong so we didn’t stay in for long. We lay on the beach to dry off before heading off again. Leftwing Idiot and Innes were picking out beachfront properties they’d like to stay in as we went along.

Finally, after a quick look round Santa Monica Pier, it was time to head back to Skirball to get ready for the show.

We had an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable day by the sea, and I very much hope I’ll be able to come back and explore more of LA’s coastline one day.

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