Penguin Tree

As work begins to wind down for the approaching holidays, I’m starting to feel very festive. On the way home today I bought a tree on impulse. I got £10 off because its top had been snapped off. It seemed entirely appropriate to get a tree with an impairment.

After work I had just enough time to find a suitable place in the castle for it to go, but then I had to rush out to a Christmas party at Will’s house, so didn’t have time to decorate it. I’m glad I waited because Will and Lottie had got me the perfect tree topper – a glittery penguin.

Regular readers might be able to guess how my tics reacted to this gift, but if you’re unsure you can read more here and here. Needless to say I was very excited, especially when I got home, decorated the tree, and popped my new penguin into position.


And had my tree not got a broken top this prosthetic penguin wouldn’t have sat anyway near as comfortably on the top.

Festive Outburst

“Father Christmas and the tooth fairy eloped to St Tropez”

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