What of Lamp-Posts?

On my way home tonight I noticed something I hadn’t paid much attention to before: lamp-posts.

Obviously that doesn’t mean the lamp-post, the one I can see from my bedroom window, because I pay that one a lot of attention.

But a bit further down the road there’s a gaggle of four lamp-posts. They’re all slightly different sizes and types, and they face each other as if in conversation.

I used the word ‘gaggle’ to describe this group but that’s obviously the collective noun for geese, not lamp-posts. A ‘school’ of lamp-posts doesn’t seem right either, nor does ‘herd’, ‘batch’, ‘brood’ or ‘flock’.

I didn’t start puzzling over this until later in the evening, prompted by the suggestions my tics were coming up with:

“A litter of lamp-posts.”
“A growl of lamp-posts.”
“A glow of lamp-posts.”
“A clutter of lamp-posts.”
“An orangery of lamp-posts.”
“A bauble of lamp-posts.”
“An eyesore of lamp-posts.”
“A flicker of lamp-posts.”
“A fumble of lamp-posts.”
“A sun of lamp-posts.”

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