Amazing Waves

When I was invited to go on Russell Howard’s Good News and talk about my life with Tourettes, l had no idea it would be so much fun. And I could never have predicted how overwhelming and warm the response would be.

The interview’s already had over two million views on social media!

I’ve had a wave of fantastic messages. Thank you to everyone who’s been in touch ¬– your support, encouragement and understanding is hugely appreciated. And I know I’ll remember what you’ve said at times when life feels tough.

Thanks also to everyone who’s made a donation. Your generosity helps Touretteshero keep running and enables us to put on inclusive events for children and young people with and without Tourettes.

If you’ve found this site in the last few days, welcome! Please explore, laugh, and share your own experiences by commenting on the blog. If you want to know more about Tourettes check out our FAQ, and if you’re a parent with a child who tics, this post might be of interest. There’s also a SafeMode that hides any potentially offensive content.

As well as joy and laughter, Tourettes obviously presents challenges. Lots of people commented on my chest banging tic and worried I might be very bruised. I do hit myself hard but my body’s adapted and my chest no longer bruises. I also wear padded gloves to protect my knuckles and lessen the impact.

While there’s very little that can be done to change the physical impact of Tourettes, the social impact is something that everyone can help change. Thinking, laughing and understanding all play a part in making the world more inclusive.

I’ll leave the last word to my tics. Ever since I wrote the word ‘wave’ at the start of this post my tics have been making wavers of their own:

“A wave of cats in tiger onesies.”
“A wave of broad-shouldered broad beans on the Norfolk Broads.”
“A wave in the style of a drunk armadillo.”
“The florid wave of a tortoise.”


“A wave of laughter and a splash of cats.”

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