Amazing Waves

When I was invited to go on Russell Howard’s Good News and talk about my life with Tourettes, l had no idea it would be so much fun. And I could never have predicted how overwhelming and warm the response would be.

The interview’s already had over two million views on social media!

I’ve had a wave of fantastic messages. Thank you to everyone who’s been in touch ¬– your support, encouragement and understanding is hugely appreciated. And I know I’ll remember what you’ve said at times when life feels tough.

Thanks also to everyone who’s made a donation. Your generosity helps Touretteshero keep running and enables us to put on inclusive events for children and young people with and without Tourettes.

If you’ve found this site in the last few days, welcome! Please explore, laugh, and share your own experiences by commenting on the blog. If you want to know more about Tourettes check out our FAQ, and if you’re a parent with a child who tics, this post might be of interest. There’s also a SafeMode that hides any potentially offensive content.

As well as joy and laughter, Tourettes obviously presents challenges. Lots of people commented on my chest banging tic and worried I might be very bruised. I do hit myself hard but my body’s adapted and my chest no longer bruises. I also wear padded gloves to protect my knuckles and lessen the impact.

While there’s very little that can be done to change the physical impact of Tourettes, the social impact is something that everyone can help change. Thinking, laughing and understanding all play a part in making the world more inclusive.

I’ll leave the last word to my tics. Ever since I wrote the word ‘wave’ at the start of this post my tics have been making wavers of their own:

“A wave of cats in tiger onesies.”
“A wave of broad-shouldered broad beans on the Norfolk Broads.”
“A wave in the style of a drunk armadillo.”
“The florid wave of a tortoise.”


“A wave of laughter and a splash of cats.”

7 responses to Amazing Waves

  1. katedonov says:

    Hi Jess, I loved your interview with Russell. I have shown both my boys (11 and 9) and you are officially their new hero! I had tried to explain Tourettes to them before as I sometimes work with children with it, but this was way better than anything I have been able to explain. THis will go viral and for every family that watches it- questions will be raised and answered and awareness of this condition will be massively increased. Kudos for you, for the interview, for this website, for making me laugh like a drain and for not letting anything stand in the way of your dreams. As I write this, I am laid up in bed having had (yet another!) crash from ME/CFS because I decided to combine a surfing weekend in Newquay with staring a new job so I know we all have set backs and it takes a bit of guts to get back up, kick ass and do it all again! Good luck with the live TV show, we will be watching.
    ps.. you and Russell shpuld definitely do stand up!!!!

  2. Helenz says:

    It was lovely to watch your interview last night with Russell Howard.
    I’m sure it can’t be easy living with a condition with is so visible/audible etc.
    I wanted to congratulate you for putting it out there – and doing it so well.
    Thank you. xH

  3. Hi Jess!

    I saw you on Russell Howard’s show and I was blown away by your energy, enthusiasm, positivity and humour. As a cartoonist I am amazed at the number of hilarious outbursts there are on your website. I have submitted two so far to the gallery but I will be back for more 🙂

    Thank you for sharing. It is inspirational to see how you turn your daily struggle with tourettes into something so creative and funny.

    Spencer aka upsidedownhead

  4. iSayPorter says:

    This is my take.
    When I was 10 (late seventies) I had a classmate, Michelle, with Tourettes.
    She dominated my high school years for a number of reasons:
    – her tics meant she was louder than most of us
    – she didn’t have the ‘biscuit’ filter
    – the bullies preferred to pick on her rather than the rest of us non-conformists because of the first point above
    – nobody but nobody else had the balls to say ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ to the teachers

    HUGE, I can’t tell you how huge, respect to you for what you’re doing to raise the profile of Tourettes.

    More power to your biscuit.

  5. phrst says:

    Hi Jess, my daughter and I watched your interview with Russell Howard last night and it was one of the best interviews I have ever seen! We laughed so much but not at you we laughed with you, you are a hilarious young lady who should be very proud of your outlook on life. should definitely be a real website and you made us want to eat biscuits :-). Thank you Jess!

  6. Sanc says:

    Watched your interview this evening. It was amazing, best interview I’ve seen in some. It’s so brave of you to put it out there. It’s also awesome to be able to make people laugh in such a natural way. What a gift, I nearly wet myself and I did laugh so hard a farted! Your a legend! X

  7. Macky10 says:

    Hi Jess.
    My wife and i watched your interview on Russell Howard’s good news yesterday.
    We were absolutely pissing ourselves with laughter, its the funniest interview i think i have ever seen. It is wonderful that you invite people to laugh if you say something funny as it removes the stigma from your condition. You are a truly hilarious human being.
    We have since watched a number of other interviews that you have done and every one of the interviewees seems to treat you with a lot of care and seriousness, like you are ill and laughing would offend you, it really made us feel that your interview with Russell was something special and was exactly the way you want to be treated.
    You really have such a healthy view of your condition and i really enjoyed listening to the way your brain has a completely unrestricted, uncensored level of creativity.
    I don’t usually post comments like this to people but really felt the need to tell you how inspirational you are and how much we enjoyed watching you.
    All the Best
    Tom x

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