The Good News

Earlier this week I found myself sitting on an armchair made of newspapers, being shunted onto a stage to meet comedian Russell Howard.

This might sound like a weird dream, or one of my tics, but actually it’s entirely true. I was Russell’s guest on his Good News programme, and it’s going to be on BBC 2 this evening.

We talked for about 20 minutes about everything from funny tics and keeping secrets, to my Broadcast from Biscuit Land, part of Live from Television Centre, which will air on BBC4 on Sunday 15th November.

Russell asked thoughtful questions and it was impressive how he managed to keep up with my tics – just about! The audience were warm and receptive too – they seemed to love my unexpected outbursts.

If you’ve found this website because you’ve just watched the interview, welcome! Please have a good look round and make yourself at home.

In addition to my daily blog you can find thousands of my vocal tics and use them as a creative springboard to make your own work of art for our gallery. We’ve also got a shop where you can pick up a variety of tic-inspired products.

If you’re feeling generous, please make a donation. All the money we raise goes towards putting on creative events for children and young people with and without Tourettes.

And speaking of Tourettes, if you’ve got any questions please check out our FAQs, or get in touch.

Thanks, Russell, for a great interview – greater awareness about Tourettes is good news for everyone.

22 responses to The Good News

  1. 20s0mething says:

    I am one of the people who found you through good news – I honestly can say I have not laughed so hard or for so long as I did when I was watching your interview. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    I will be reading your blog consistently now 🙂

  2. argh says:

    A friend shared Russell Howard’s video on Facebook (his interview has been delayed). I watched it, brilliant!
    A must watch on the 15th.

  3. Wev says:

    Just watched this tonight was one of the funniest things I seen in a while xx

  4. Kitty1974 says:

    I swatches you interview on Russell Howard this morning and thought it was the funniest thing Iv seen in a really long time x
    I liked it so much I watched it again then sent it to my dear bf xx
    Keep up the good work x

  5. Michelle khatri says:

    I saw you on Russell Howard too and thought you was amazing, my son is almost 8 and is going through the process of a formal diagnosis amongst other things like add and add he also has hyperacusis and tinnitus, he’s been lacking confidence with how people react to his tics but I showed him some of your interviews and it has been wonderful for him to see someone else in the same situation tAlking so honestly and openly so thankyou very much, you have helped more than you will ever know.

  6. clairebear74 says:


    Also found you through Good News and watched the interview with my two year old sat on my knee. She kept asking to watch you again and giggled outrageously at your joyful outbursts. It is safe to say that one of her favourite words is now "biscuit" I think she enjoys watching you more than My Little Pony now!

  7. stickybun1972 says:

    I also found you on good news, what an amazing lady you are! An inspiration! My friends boy has Tourette’s and I will be sharing your page and blogs with him. You absolutely rock! Xx

  8. Rach says:

    Jess you’re my hero!!! Such admiration for you. You make me laugh, but more importantly the way you embrace your condition and turn it in to something positive for not only yourself but everyone that is lucky enough to discover you is beyond admirable, and downright brilliant. You’re a legend. Keep up the good work, and thank you for bringing so much happiness in to other people’s lives. Rachx

  9. tojo33e says:

    Just watched your interview on Facebook and i think you are an amazing lady keep up the good work

  10. Julie79 says:

    Watched the show with my 14 year old son last night. Amazing. You are hilarious and completely inspirational. We laughed so hard. Will be following you from now on. What a wonderful thing it is you have cleverly done X

  11. Dave says:

    I enjoyed the show. Anyone else notice how Russell was knackered at the end of 20 minutes? Is this a common reaction to a person tourettes? Jess, your ‘reaction rate’ is frantic, had him panting, though he managed it well.
    He could only get a word in by interrupting you. Is that how many of your conversations go, or was it just that you were hyper, being on telly etc?

  12. Pete Nicol says:

    Very very funny interview. I laughed so much and captivated by your personality

  13. Hatti says:

    I completely agree with what Rach said (a few comments above) you are absolutely fantastic and admirable, Ive just spent the last 2 hours reading through your blog and I have cried with laughter but also I’ve learnt alot about tourettes, so thank you for being so engaging and awesome!

  14. HElleG says:

    Just watched your clip on Russell Howard and felt compelled to leave you a message. What a wonderful ambassador you are for the Tourettes community. You are so naturally funny and I hope that no one ever tells you otherwise xx thankyou for your honesty and bravery.

  15. Pete says:

    I had seen you before, but the appearance with Russell Howard was great. Well done you for being confident enough to do what you do, and to educate the likes of me in a fun way.

  16. Franklin J says:

    Found you, like many people, on Good News. I have watched that interview many times now and can only thank Russel Howard for exposing your power of wonderment, inspiration and great fun and laughter at the situation you find yourself in, to the world at large. I have posted your link on facebook in the hope that my friends will make the effort to watch that interview and get inspired to sign up to this site and get involved. Jess, you really are a hero. Thank you.

  17. aslanEnlisted says:

    like so many of the people above I saw your interview on Good News. You are fantastic and an inspiration. I too have Tourette’s (although my tics are subtle and only really noticeable after extended contact.) Thank you for being you.

  18. Justincrediballs says:

    I saw your interview on Good News! and it was amazing! I just shared the episode and this site on facebook. 🙂

  19. birchy says:

    Hi there, I knew nothing about you until the appearance on Good News, I like Russell Howard as he is very funny but he was upstaged by you! You are so amazingly funny.
    I keep looking at Lampposts now and wonder if they are more problematic to our country than illegal immigrants….I mean at least we can see immigrants walking through the channel tunnel or climbing out of lorries but who notices if a new lamppost arrives in the area? Perhaps that is why councils paint a number on them…..keep doing what you’re doing, I love you and your amazing sense of humor!
    Take Care and say hello to the lamp post!!!

  20. Duckbilledplatterpuss says:


  21. Joshua9015 says:

    Hi Jess I am a big fan of you and what you are doing you are a true legend and I have just watched Russell Howard’s good news with you on it I can watch that episode thousand of times and never gets old so good on you and carry on being you what a legend!!!!! Being shared on Facebook

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