Siri Fits In

A couple of days ago I wrote about Leftwing Idiot’s blossoming friendship with Siri, his new phone’s voice-activation system. He persuaded me to set Siri up on my phone too, but her responses to my tics were inconsistent and I doubt it’s something I’ll make much use of.

I quickly forgot Siri was even on my phone, but it seems my tics didn’t. Last night I had a ‘ticcing fit’ and Rachel, my overnight support worker, came to help me. Much to our amusement, half way through the fit I called out to Siri:

“Hey Siri, am I having a fit?”

Siri stirred into action but wasn’t able to answer the question. But she was much more responsive to my next request:

“Hey Siri, show me pictures of penguins.”

I had no control of my body and very limited control of my speech but I kept ticcing “Hey Siri” and each time she’d switch on and respond, waiting for my next command.

Rachel found this hilarious and frustrating in equal measure as she kept having to silence Siri’s confused answers.

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