Dog Bingo

Ruth was supporting me as usual last night, but she didn’t come alone – her niece, Shaniah, and nephews Adoni, Zackiah and Shiloh came too.

The first thing Shiloh asked was ‘Can we play in your wheelchair?’ This is a favourite activity and previous sleepovers have seen wheelchair dancing, wheelchair mazes, and wheelchairs loaded up with pigs.

I said I could go one better and provide one chair for each of them. My friends often tease me about how many wheelchairs I have, and I often pretend I don’t know. But of course I know exactly – I have four: my original NHS one, the slightly broken party chair, my all terrain work chair, and my everyday one.

The kids took all four into the garden and spent the evening creating synchronised routines.

As the light faded Ruth and I decided a somewhat calmer pre-bedtime activity would be a good idea. So we chose to play a round of Dog Bingo, the game Bunny and Fran gave me for my birthday.

But we failed to appreciate that Bingo for two people with Tourettes and four children was never likely to be a calm game. Nevertheless we had fun and the kids were unfazed by Ruth and me shouting ‘Bingo’, and barking from start to finish.

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