In Praise of Light

When I woke up this morning my first tic of the day was:

“Morning sun, your light is brighter than Stephen Hawking’s mind.”

I opened the blind a few minutes later and solar-centric tics continued:

“Window, are you wearing sun cream?”

As I was getting ready for work, I started chatting to the living-room light bulb:

“Light bulb, the sun’s given you a day off.”
“Light bulb, don’t let the lamp-shade define you.”
“I love you, glassy eyed light bulb.”

My illuminating commentary continued over lunchtime:

“And the lifetime achievement award goes to the microwave light!”

Lying in bed at the end of the day my tics turned their attention, as usual, to the Lamp-post. Slightly unusually they were full of affection and praise:

“Lamp-post, you lovely orange bubble-head.”
“Lamp-post, your light is more beautiful than a nightingale playing the harmonica.”

But the lamp-post wasn’t the last light my tics spoke to today:

“Laserjet standby light, I know you’ve got my back.”

Who knows why my tics chose today as “National Light Appreciation Day”, but I definitely wouldn’t mind if it becomes an annual event.

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