Morning Work-Out

Most mornings my support worker Ana helps me wash and get ready for work, but occasionally she’s not available Veronica steps in.

Veronica’s been supporting me on and off for almost four years and we know each other really well. I’ve written before about her playful approach to moisturising my ‘chicken knees’.

Today she implemented a new fitness regime, announcing that we should do some stretches while putting on my socks.

She instructed me to lift each leg as high as I could (while sitting) and brace it against her thigh (she was standing) – a classic hamstring stretch. She kept encouraging me to go higher and feel the burn. She then slipped my sock on.

I suspected her motives, and said: ‘Veronica are you sure this isn’t a cunning ploy to avoid bending down?’ Laughing she said ‘Of course not. I’m your personal trainer as well as your personal care provider.’

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