Days of the Sheep

I often talk about how much laughter my tics generate. But today was exceptional and saw Leftwing Idiot, Will, and me bent over in agony from too much cracking up.

We were on our way to lunch and Leftwing Idiot was singing a song he’d learnt from one of the children at work. It’s basically the days of the week sung to the tune of the Addams Family – you can listen to a version of it here.

Not to be outdone, my tics came up with with their own version, “Days of the sheep”. But Will and Leftwing Idiot spontaneously started ‘baaing’ where the claps should be. They took it in turns as they perfected their arrangement. I got so over-excited I somehow managed to unclip my seatbelt and shoot out of my wheelchair onto the pavement.

We were all laughing hysterically as the two of them scrabbled about trying to keep me safely seated. It must’ve looked very odd to passers-by, and it all took much longer than necessary because neither of them had the good sense to stop baaing.

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