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A Christmas Angel

The last few months have been very busy, what with our run of shows at the Barbican and Soho Theatres, and taking part in Live From Television Centre.

All of this means we’ve left recording our annual Christmas … read more

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Kevin Keegan Armpit Pyjama Party

At Touretteshero, right from the outset, we took the decision to focus exclusively on my tics and not invite contributions from other people for the website. We did this to make sure each tic was authentic and not simply made … read more

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Alternative Christmas Carols

We’re now slap bang in the middle of the festive season and there’s Christmas cheer at every turn: decorations, adverts, and Christmas songs drifting out of every speaker. Naturally my tics are getting in on the act too. Today’s been … read more

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Down With The Spuds

I had a lovely lunch with my work colleagues yesterday at our favourite café. It was cold so I ordered a jacket potato with cheese and beans.

It arrived quickly, looking totally delicious, but before my support worker Aytan could … read more

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An All Fours Household

When I was in my room earlier, Bunny, who’d stayed over last night, made a passing reference to my ‘weird leg mirror’.

It took me a minute understand, but as soon as I did it made me laugh.

I’ve … read more

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“A Big Day For Pigs”

For reasons that are too tasteless to describe here, this post is dedicated to a poor defenceless porker and a well-known wild boar.

When Ed Miliband attempted to eat a bacon sandwich a while back he was at least … read more

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Tower for the Castle

The castle’s been having some work done on the roof for the last few weeks so there’s a scaffolding tower in my garden. It’s just outside my bedroom window and from certain angles it blocks my view of the lamp-postread more

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At the start of a ‘ticcing fit’ I usually make a repetitive noise that sounds like the word, ‘How’.

At the weekend, while I was in Northern Ireland with the Backstage In Biscuit Land crew, I started having … read more

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Knife Soup

For anyone with uncontrollable movements in their arms, soup isn’t usually the best choice on the menu, and although my bowl was full of chunks of bread to help keep it under control, I still managed to make a mess.… read more

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Abnormal Antics

I’ve just come off stage after my first ever stand-up comedy gig. This is daunting enough for anyone at the best of times, but thanks to my tics I never know what I’m about to say next. There’s an element … read more

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