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Who Gets Knocked Down?

My tics love adjusting the lyrics to well-known songs. The latest for this treatment is Chumbawamba’s 1997 hit Tubthumping, better known by its most prominent lyric, “I Get Knocked Down.” In my Tourettes version a few other things… read more

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A Pig Under Foot?

Before we go any further, here’s some background info so this post makes sense:

• I often move around the castle on my knees.
• I have a bizarre reaction to certain noises, including the ‘oink’ of pig shaped… read more

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Rogue Fairy

A few days ago I wrote about my strange obsession with pig stickers. Well, it seems that the Pig Fairy’s been listening because this evening, during a ‘ticcing fit’, I mysteriously ended up with a pig sticker… read more

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My Night with Zac Efron

Last night I had a strange ‘ticcing fit’. It was strange firstly because I had enough speech to tic some funny things, and secondly because of the strong presence of Zac Efron.

For anyone not familiar with… read more

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Pig Stickers

I’ve written a lot about my on-going quest for pigs, the highly customised dog toys that I’m given by the mysterious Pig Fairy whenever I have a day without a ‘ticcing fit’.

A couple of months ago I… read more

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Pneumatic ‘R’s

March is the end of the financial year and it’s fabled for being a time when lots of road works happen as Councils desperately use up their budgets before April 1st. This may or may not be the true, but… read more

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You’re Not a Person You’re an Adjective

Ruth’s back at the castle – hanging out and being my support worker. She’s got a new tic and it’s really making me laugh. It’s very specific to Ruth and she says it in a very specific voice. It’s about… read more

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Practice Pancakes

It’s still a week until Shrove Tuesday – but we got things off to an early start at the castle this evening because tomorrow Zoë’s leaving for two months in Nepal, and Poppy was determined she shouldn’t miss out on… read more

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Classico Surprise

I arrived home from work earlier to find a surprise gift on my kitchen table. It was a packet of hot chocolate with a note to say it was from Poppy and Zoë. I was touched but a bit puzzled… read more

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Little G

I glanced at the kitchen window earlier and noticed how much the mini geranium had grown. Back in November it was just a broken branch from Leftwing Idiot’s much discussed plant. But I planted it and it’s thrived.

I’m… read more

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