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Chicken Knees

Ana, my regular morning carer, has been on holiday for the last few weeks, and Veronica, who’s supported me on and off for the last few years, has been taking her place to help me get washed and ready for… read more

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The Perfect Invitation

This afternoon Will and I went to our local Town Hall for a meeting.

We passed a member of staff in the corridor and I found myself making the following three statements:

“You need a hair cut.”
“I like… read more

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A few weeks ago I wrote about a strange and repetitive version of Kumbaya my tics came up with. Well, they’ve been at it again, and this version’s a bit more – how can I way put… read more

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Dolphin Head Revisited

I was searching through the photos on my phone earlier looking for a particular image when I stumbled across something that made me squeal with excitement.

Last month I was in Liverpool with Chopin to perform Backstage Inread more

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A Hand Dryer!

I love swimming and I try to go at least twice a week. Recently I’ve been going to a different pool because my nearest one is being refurbished.

The accessible changing facilities at the new pool are much fancier than… read more

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Nearly Infinitum

After last night’s fantastic final performance of Backstage in Biscuit Land that ended with a standing ovation, we’re now on our way back to the UK. We’ve had a wonderful time, the country’s beautiful and we’ve been made… read more

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Poems About Sponges

I’m back in London after a lovely weekend away in Cumbria with Will.

When we were travelling back yesterday I ticced, “Poems about sponges”

Will, knowing my tics would take the bait, said ‘Sponge Poem… read more

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What Noise Do Penguins Make?

I’ve mentioned that my tics love penguins in previous posts. They’re one of a random assortment of things that always make me over excited. Another is when people roll their R’s. Both inexplicably… read more

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Whales Crash In

I was hanging out with Poppy earlier when I suddenly started having a ‘ticcing fit’ that, without any reason or warning, was abruptly gate-crashed by whales. Fortunately Poppy had the presence of mind to press record on her phone:… read more

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Coming Clean

OK, so yesterday’s post wasn’t exactly “biscuit” accurate. In fact is was a straightforward April Fool, which I hope you all enjoyed. Most of the time my tics are one step ahead of me when it… read more

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