Power Switch

My tics and I are both big fans of unpredictable outcomes. I like them because I enjoy doing creative activities where anything can happen, and my tics like them because unpredictable is what they do best.

We’re about to put this to the test very soon because tomorrow we’ll be switching on our Idea Amplifier for the first time. This two-day event for young creatives with Tourettes will be happening at the Roundhouse in London.

I’ll be working with eight young people and three facilitators to devise and make a short film which is likely to be on the subject of change. But because the outcomes are unpredictable, that’s about as much as I can tell you! Everyone involved will be invited to contribute equally so we’ll be creating something brand new together. Who knows what’s going to happen?

If you’ve booked for this event you should have already received all the information you need – hopefully you’ll have had a chance to think about what it is we should be doing, too. We’re counting on everyone’s input to make this workshop work!

The event’s fully booked, so for anyone who’s interested, watch this space – we’ll be sharing whatever it is we make sometime soon.

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