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We Need To Talk About Eddie

I’ve tried really hard to not write this post. I’d planned originally to do it in time for the Oscars last weekend but I was laid low with a cold and didn’t have the energy or focus it would’ve needed. … read more

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Idea Amplifier

I’ve got some exciting news, we’re looking for six creative young people with Tourettes (or associated conditions) aged between 16 and 25 to come and collaborate on a new project supported by Unlimited Impact and The Spirit of 2012 more

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Sort of Annoying

Over the past few years I’ve sort of developed a reputation as the sort of Biscuit Woman because I sort of say ‘Biscuit’ sort of all the time. But there’s something else I sort of say that’s actually sort of … read more

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The Republic of Inclusion Explained

As I recover from a nasty cold, my recent trip to Toronto feels like a distant memory. I was there to talk at an event called The Republic of Inclusion but we crammed a lot of other things into the … read more

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My Bright Idea

I’m not very well at the moment – I’ve had a cold for the last few days and it’s making me feel pretty miserable. But I cheered up for a bit earlier when I told Will about a discovery I’d … read more

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Fat Sister At 30

Thirty years ago today a telephone rang in a Blackpool bungalow bearing news that would change my world forever. It was my dad calling to announce the birth of Fat Sister (although I’m fairly sure he wouldn’t have used those … read more

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Wheels of Fortune

Last night Fat Sister celebrated the end of her twenties. Tomorrow’s her birthday, a big birthday (she’s tuning 30) and never one to miss an opportunity for a party, she organised a spectacular bash.

The theme – ‘80’s stars of … read more

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‘Relaxed’ vs. ‘Extra Live’

Tomorrow Jess Mabel Jones (AKA Chopin) and I will be performing our stage show Backstage In Biscuit Land (BIBL) for the first time this year, and like every other, it’ll be a ‘relaxed performance’.

Relaxed performances extend a warm welcome … read more

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Year of the Goat-Sheep

When I took my midnight medication as yesterday turned into today I shouted:

“Happy New Sheep!”

My tics are rarely in context but on this occasion my timing was perfect – today is Chinese New Year. Each year is represented … read more

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The Republic of Inclusion

Today was my last full day in Canada and in just a few hours Leftwing Idiot and I will be up before dawn to fly back to the UK. Besides being our last day, it’s also been our busiest and … read more

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