My Bright Idea

I’m not very well at the moment – I’ve had a cold for the last few days and it’s making me feel pretty miserable. But I cheered up for a bit earlier when I told Will about a discovery I’d made at Fat Sister’s party at the weekend. But for this to make sense we need to go back a bit.

Last month Will and I were on our way to lunch when my tics noticed a used glow stick on the pavement. I started to get really over excited and when Will quizzed me about why, I explained that it was because I was imagining rolling my wheelchair over a path covered with new glow sticks, so that wherever I rolled, the pavement lit up.

Will wasn’t as excited by this prospect as me, but he did seem amused by my excitement. He was also sceptical about whether it would work in the way I imagined.

I can now put his doubts firmly to rest.

There were loads of glow sticks knocking about at the party, which of course reminded me of my big vision. And then Olive came across a packet of giant wheelchair-width sticks, so we set about conducting a test.

Much to my delight, when I wheeled over the sticks they lit up at the points where the wheels had gone over them, in exactly the way I’d imagined they would, and here’s the evidence:

Now all I have to do is persuade Will, the local park, a glow stick manufacturer, and the environmental lobby that it’s a good idea, and we’re away!

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