Wheels of Fortune

Last night Fat Sister celebrated the end of her twenties. Tomorrow’s her birthday, a big birthday (she’s tuning 30) and never one to miss an opportunity for a party, she organised a spectacular bash.

The theme – ‘80’s stars of stage and screen.

Based on our sisterly experience to date I’d say that love of fancy dress is not something for which there’s much evidence of a strong genetic link.

Fat Sister had her outfit (Jessica Rabbit) sorted weeks ago, but not me! I had no idea what I’d go as at all until Poppy came to my rescue at the last minute with an ingenious suggestion: ‘80’s game show classic Wheel of Fortune.

So within a few hours my chair was transformed

After a lot of debate about how to play my version of the game we concluded that the player would give me a big push and when I eventually rolled to a stop we’d look to see where the arrow had landed.

But this would obviously need a much bigger playing area than they had for the original TV version, or than was available in Fat Sister’s crowded house. Nevertheless, I’m certain Wheelchair Wheels of Fortune could be a smash hit for her fortieth.

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  1. louiseongumtree says:

    Wooohooo!! THat is cool. Hope you had a great time. BTW – Happy Birthday Fat Sister. x x

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