Pros, not Cons at the Post Office

On Monday I was at Channel 4 scripting the announcements for my continuity shift yesterday. Leftwing Idiot and I both had stuff to put in the post, so at lunchtime I asked where the nearest Post Office was. One of my colleagues pointed us in the right direction but warned us that it was likely to be busy and chaotic.

We trundled off and found it quickly, which was a relief because it was pouring with rain. But there was a problem in the form of a set of steep steps. I’d had a similar experience at a different Post Office the week before so I wasn’t surprised to find a bell by the entrance for people who couldn’t manage the steps to press for help.

As had happened before, a member of staff soon came out. He didn’t help me get into the building because that was clearly impossible. But this time, instead of helping me where I was on the pavement, because we had stuff to weigh before it could be posted, the member of staff took Leftwing Idiot into the building and to the front of the queue, while I sat outside in the rain.

While I was waiting, several people asked whether I needed help and one very kind man lent me his umbrella. Leftwing Idiot came out very quickly and after returning the brolly we set off to get our lunch.

It’s rare for there to be any benefits to an inaccessible building, but today I really appreciated the speedy service I’d been given instead of what could have been a long-drawn-out postal nightmare.

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