Leave The Bears At Home Day

Yesterday was ‘Bring Your Bear to Work Day’. I mentioned this to Will today and after he’d established that this was a fact and not a tic, our conversation went like this:

Will: So you took a bear to work, right?
TH: No
Will: But you must have at least worn a bear jumper?
TH: No
Will: But you probably talk about bears more than anyone else in the world. What a wasted opportunity. You’ve let yourself and the bears down.

There wasn’t really anything I could reply to that since he had a fair point. I couldn’t believe I’d missed a chance to wear a bear jumper. I love bears emblazoned on my chest.

To make amends and celebrate Bear Day here are a few of my favourite bear-related tics:

“Biro loving bear.”
“Don’t let the bear drive the juggernaut.”
“Bye-bye polar bear.”
“How would you classify bears? Hairy, histrionic or pear-shaped.”
“Define too many bears.”

I bring bears with me to work most days so for me, yesterday was ‘Leave the bears at home day’.

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