Biscuits Back On The Box

This is just a quick post before I head off to work. This evening I’ll be back at Channel 4 doing more biscuity continuity announcements. I start at 7pm, so listen out for the links.

I’ve been doing continuity on at off since last December when I was part of a project called Alternative Voices. I was one of six people with communication difficulties who were trained as announcers. The aim was to make sure difference is reflected not just in the programming but in the bits in between too.

I’m now part of their freelance team and I’ll be doing more announcements over the coming months. I really enjoy the process of watching the programmes and scripting how I’m going to introduce them.

Some people may question why someone with Tourettes should’ve been given a job as an announcer. My question back would be, ‘Why not?’ About a fifth of the population identifies as disabled and the fact that we’re all different is brilliant and should be celebrated.

Listen out for me later on – I hope my links make you laugh, think, or smile, and most importantly, want to watch the next programme.

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