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Fit On A Beach

I’ve spent today at the seaside – Littlehampton to be precise. We took a group of children from work on end of summer trip. From the moment we arrived I knew we’d have a great day. The atmosphere was friendly, … read more

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I’ve been in my current job for over four years, and since the beginning I’ve had a support worker with me most of the time. To start with it was only twice a week, but when my ‘ticcing fitsread more

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Chatting Dolphin

Yesterday I wrote about how my tics have been changing – my body certainly has been doing some odd stuff recently. Today’s newcomer was a horrible screeching noise that I was making for most of the afternoon.

My phase of … read more

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Arms in Trouble

This afternoon I let out a gasp of frustration and shouted, ‘Arms, stop being dicks!’ Moments later I apologised to them, but they’re really behaving badly at the moment.

The other day I mentioned my new elbowing-things tic: walls, tables, … read more

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Mind v Body

We got back from Shambala in the early hours of this morning, and I went straight to bed. Several hours later I woke up to a very rainy London, feeling exhausted. I’d been planning to go to Notting Hill Carnivalread more

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Sunday at Shambala

I had lunch with Bunny, Fran, Pete and a load of other people, sitting on the grass, bathed in sunshine, with the sound from the main stage of an incredible harp player drifting over hundreds of other people all having … read more


A Crazy Move

The sun’s been out for most of the day and Shambala’s looking beautiful, with people in colourful costumes everywhere. I’m not doing a show today so I’m able to relax properly.

Captain Hotknives did have a show though, a … read more

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I woke up in a warm tent and crawled out into the dewy day. King Russell and Fat Sister, camped opposite, were already up and about. They were making tea on a portable stove and I sat with them, surfacing … read more

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On Route to Shambala

At ten o’clock Fat Sister and King Russell arrived at the castle, soon followed by Bunny’s brother Pete. He’s one of my two main support workers at Shambala, with Eoin, the other half of the team, meeting us … read more

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Shambala Time Again

This’ll be a quick post – I’m in the middle of packing for the Shambala Festival. We leave tomorrow and I’m really excited about being back at one of my favourite places.

If you’re heading there yourself, catch me … read more

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