Mind v Body

We got back from Shambala in the early hours of this morning, and I went straight to bed. Several hours later I woke up to a very rainy London, feeling exhausted. I’d been planning to go to Notting Hill Carnival and Eoin was coming to pick me up in the early afternoon.

Despite the rain and my tired, achy body I still really wanted to go. But I also knew it probably wasn’t a great idea. I’ve had a number of intense and long fits in the last few days and I think tiredness has been a significant reason for this.

For a couple of hours I wavered: should I waterproof-up and go for a dance or stay at home and take it easy? It was a choice between what my mind was up for and what my body wanted to do.

In the end I listened to my body (which historically I’m not very good at) and stayed at the castle. It was the right decision and I quite enjoyed pottering about and getting everything ready for the week ahead.

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