Chatting Dolphin

Yesterday I wrote about how my tics have been changing – my body certainly has been doing some odd stuff recently. Today’s newcomer was a horrible screeching noise that I was making for most of the afternoon.

My phase of saying “I’m a baby” was annoying enough, but this high-pitched screech is a lot worse and I’m not even sure how I’m making it.

It even continued while I was having a ‘ticcing fit’ this evening. Will, who was supporting me, jokingly suggested I was talking in ‘dolphin-speak’ and then started making clicking noises at me. Conversations about dolphins, particularly when I’m having a fit, always make me very overexcited. But today, because my body was completely locked up, this excitement just manifested itself as more screeching.

Things have settled down for now and I’m not making the noise all the time, but it’s still popping up every now and again. “Biscuit”, I’ll never moan about you again!

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