I woke up in a warm tent and crawled out into the dewy day. King Russell and Fat Sister, camped opposite, were already up and about. They were making tea on a portable stove and I sat with them, surfacing slowly.

After some breakfast, Captain Hotknives and I had a rehearsal. I use the word ‘rehearsal’ very loosely: it consisted of him strumming some tunes on his guitar and my tics shouting along – this is pretty much our entire act! We had our first show this afternoon and we’ve got another on Sunday.

We’re performing at the Social Club. It’s the same venue we played at last year but it’s grown. The tent’s massive now, and a really beautiful space. It was totally amazing rolling up the ramp onto the stage and seeing hundreds of people looking at us.

When I rolled back off the stage forty-five minutes later I was euphoric. The warmth of the huge audience’s response blew us away. I found it incredibly moving hearing everyone singing back the strange songs my tics had come up with.

It felt as if the audience was completely with us right from the start. In fact so much with us that we almost threw the whole show off track. Captain Hotknives got the audience to shout ‘Bear’ every time I said ‘Biscuit’, and since I say biscuit about sixteen times a minute they were kept very busy – and we couldn’t get a word in edgeways. We quickly changed it to the audience making a gesture for ‘bear’ instead of shouting it out.

We thought we had enough biscuits to give one to everyone during the penultimate song, but there were way too many people, so Will, Eoin and Pete quickly changed tactics and simply threw the biscuits into the crowd.

I loved every minute of it and felt very lucky to have had the chance to experience such an amazing event.

I was exhausted afterwards though, so I chilled out for a bit before going back out to see more of the Festival.

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