Dalmatian Piggy

When I got in this evening there was a surprise waiting for me in my living room – perched on top of the bookcase (also known as the Piggy Display Unit, or PDU) was Dalmatian Piggy!

Regular readers will be very familiar with my pigs, which the Pig Fairy sends me every time I have a day without a ‘ticcing fit’.

Dalmatian Piggy is awesome, and definitely one of my favourites (if I’m allowed favourites, that is). The level of work and detail is incredible: this little piggy has the face of a Dalmatian while still being unmistakably ‘piggy’. Mind blowing!

A couple of weeks ago I had my twenty-fourth fit-free day. This was the last one to be marked with a pig because I decided a while ago that I’m ready for fit-free days to be a normal part of my life again.

Don’t worry though, there’s still a backlog of pig treats to look forward to:

1. Navy Pig
2. Stone-age Pig
3. Lilac Piggy
4. ‘90s Pig
5. Cat Pig
6. Latvian Princess Pig
7. Political Pig
8. Frankenstein Pig
9. The Notorious P.I.G

I’ll keep sharing the pigs as they arrive.

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