Wheels Turn Heads

After months of travelling, Fran’s finally back in the UK, and I’m delighted that she’s started doing some support work for me again. This afternoon we were out in Peckham when a big group of teenage boys on bikes came haring along the road. As they passed us they slowed down and very obviously started staring.

One of the boys said, ‘I’ve just got to tell you,’ his voice rising with excitement, ‘that wheelchair’s SICK!’ Another young man said ‘Look at those wheels, they’re much better than mine.’ I told him about the big all-terrain wheels I’ve got for it at home and his eyed widened.

After they’d thoroughly examined the chair they raced off still shouting excitedly to each other about my wheels.

We rolled on enjoying the sunny day and each other’s company. The encounter with the boys had been completely unexpected and very cheering – each time it’s drifted into my mind since, it’s made me smile.

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