Is it a Bird, is it a Plane?

No, it’s a Terrified Support Worker.

Will and I headed way out west on Saturday evening. Unusually our route took us via Heathrow. It was strange coming out of the Tube station and into the airport without actually being there to get on a plane.

It took us a while to find our way to the right bus stop for the final leg of our journey. On the way I discovered that Will’s not a fan of flying. He explained that he’d only flown a couple of times and found it quite scary. He was slightly overreacting to all the planes flying low and loud and at extreme angles.

Later, on our way home, he posed an interesting question: ‘If you and I had to do a skydive from a plane, attached to each other, which one of us would overreact more?’

We couldn’t decide, and neither of us is in a rush to find out.

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