Biscuits in Progress

Leftwing Idiot, Chopin and I have just come to the end of another long but successful day spent working on Backstage in Biscuit Land. The show seems to be coming together well, and today we read through the full script for the first time.

I really enjoyed this process and it was great to get a feel for how the words on the page and my spontaneous tics will work together.

We’re keen to start sharing what we’ve been up to with other people, and that’s going to start happening very soon because we’ve got some ‘scratch’ performances (work in progress) coming up next month. You can find details about these dates here.

If you’re not able to come to Edinburgh for the Fringe but you leave in or near London, it would be great if you wanted to come to one of these shows instead.

Today’s read-through proved that no two shows can ever be the same, so feel free to come to as many performances as you like.

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