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This morning Will and I went to the RNIB’s talking book studios to take part in an edition of Disability Now’s podcast. In preparation I listened to a load of previous editions and thought they were fascinating and wide-ranging. You can find the archive of them here.

The podcasts, usually presented by Paul Carter and a guest presenter, invite a panel of disabled guests to discuss and comment on issues of the moment. I’ve done lots of recorded interviews but this is the first time I’ve taken part in a panel discussion, and I really enjoyed it. I imagine most broadcasters would be concerned that a backing track of biscuits, hedgehogs and cats might be a distraction, but not the Disability Now team – they were un-phased and took all my involuntary contributions in their stride.

You can listen to the result here. Please take time to share it, partly to spread the word about our Edinburgh show, Backstage In Biscuit Land, but also so that people can hear about these great podcasts.

It was refreshing listening to a programme in which disabled people discuss their views and concerns about current issues – in the show I took part in we discussed proposed cuts to Disabled Students Allowance, what ‘British Values’ are and UKIP.

Listening to these podcasts made me realise how absent disabled people’s perspectives are from mainstream media discussions about politics and current affairs

I was glad to take part today, but even happier to have discovered this great series.

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