Slow Puncture

Without wishing to sound boastful, or weird, I’ve got an inflatable in my bathroom. It’s not a bouncy castle or a Lilo though – it’s an inflatable bath-lift that helps me get in and out of the bath safely. My occupational therapist first suggested I use one when I moved into the castle three years ago and it’s been brilliant.

I’m on to my second one now and ever since I’ve had it I’ve thought it might have a tiny leak somewhere because it was deflating by itself when not in use. I checked with the company that supplied it and they told me it was a new safety feature – but I wasn’t convinced.

Over the last few months there’s been a very audible hiss every time I’ve used it, and in the last week the air’s been going out faster than it comes in from the pump, rendering it completely useless.

My carer, Ana, and I have struggled on. I can usually get into the bath relatively uneventfully, but getting out has become chaotic, and definitely not in the least bit graceful.

A replacement bath-lift arrived today, and I’m pleased to say it’s stayed firm ever since it was inflated this morning. So the manufactures have either realised there new safety feature wasn’t that safe and got rid of it, or more likely, the suppliers lied to get me off their case.
I’m looking forward to a much smoother shower tomorrow.

I haven’t thought much about this appliance since I first started using one, but when it went wrong it made a huge difference to my daily routine. Here’s to the inflatable bath-lift – my unsung hero!

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