My Sporting Achievement

When King Russell and Fat Sister suggested going to play Frisbee in the park on Sunday I roared with laughter – surely this wasn’t an activity I could take part in! But I was very happy to go to the park, so I grabbed my book and trundled off with them to meet some of our friends.

To start with, when they began playing, I sat and watched, but I soon decided I was perfectly capable of taking part. So I sprang to my knees and shuffled forward.

I loved playing Frisbee! I stuck fairly rigidly to the square of towels we’d laid out on the grass because I had no kneepads on. I quickly discovered that my left hand hates catching, but otherwise it was great. My playing style must have looked quite unusual to anyone watching, particularly the bit where, after catching the Frisbee, I hit myself hard in the head with it a few times before passing it on.

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