European Tourettes Syndrome Awareness Day

My tics love coming up with names for new and unusual awareness days. They even have their own category in my tics section.

Here’s a brief selection:
“Happy Nacho on your Forehead Day”
“Happy Hug A Molecule Day”
“National ‘Weird Day’ Day”

But it’s not any of these days today. Instead it’s ‘European Tourettes Syndrome Awareness Day’. People across the UK and Europe are busy raising awareness of Tourettes and celebrating the achievements of people living with the condition.

Tourettes is one of the most frequently misunderstood conditions on the planet. Lots of people have heard of it but most of what they know is based on myths and stereotypes. Changing this is important for the 300,000 people in the UK living with Tourettes and for many, many more across the world. I’ve experienced the big difference that increased awareness can make in everyday life so I want to be sure that everyone living with Tourettes is understood, accepted and supported.

I’m off to Warwickshire to celebrate with loads of other people with tics at a fun day organised by Tourettes Action. As soon as I’m back I’ll tell you all about it, but in the meantime here are a few suggestions for ways you could mark the day.

1) Take a Tourettes Selfie

People across Europe are sharing photos online of themselves winking. You can find out more about this campaign and how to join in here.

2) Share a Tic on Twitter or Facebook

Browse almost 6,000 of my tics and share any that make you laugh or think.

3) Make a Tic-Inspired Piece of Art and Upload it to Our Gallery

Check out the gallery for inspiration, you’ll find loads of images all based on my tics. Choose one, create your artwork, and upload it to the site for everyone else to enjoy. Who knows, it might even make ‘Image of the week’.

4) Share this Post or Tell Someone About Why Today’s Important

I used to think that changing attitudes was a long-drawn-out process, but creating Touretteshero’s shown me this isn’t always the case. Change often begins with a simple conversation. But there are lots of minds that need opening, so do share this post and the message of the day with your friends and family, and talk to people about Tourettes.

Together we can change attitudes to this complex condition and make living with it easier.

Wishing you all a very Happy European Tourettes Syndrome Awareness Day.

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