Dirty Feet

The sun’s out so I’m likely to be moving around the castle with bare feet. Because my walking’s so wobbly I tend to crawl or shuffle about on my knees and I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon resulting from this. Maybe ‘interesting’ isn’t the right word, but ‘boring’ didn’t seem to work from a literary point of view either.

Most people walking around barefoot might expect the soles of their feet to get grubby. But I’ve noticed that mine don’t. It’s the tops of my feet, just above my toes, that get dirty. So this must be where my feet touch the floor as I crawl along.

I’ve started asking Ana, my carer, to scrub the tops of my feet each time she helps me have a shower. She always carefully and thoroughly washes them underneath, but doing the top is yet to become an embedded part of our routine – unlike the dirt itself, which is definitely becoming ingrained.

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