My Twenty-fourth Fit-Free Day

Yesterday was my twenty-fourth day without a ‘ticcing fit’ since records began back in October 2011. This is particularly significant because it’ll be my last ‘Piggy Day’.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term, these are full calendar days when I don’t have any fits. They used to be extremely rare, but in recent months they’ve become more common. They’re called ‘Piggy Days’ because every time I’ve had one in the last year I’ve been given a decorated rubber pig in celebration.

A while ago I decided I was about ready to stop getting these celebratory pigs and, after consulting with the Pig Fairy, decided that the last one should be the twenty-fourth, when the number of pigs would be the same as the number of hours in the day.

Yesterday I reached that milestone. I can’t wait to meet ‘The Notorious P.I.G’, who’ll be the final porker in my collection.

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