Fat Sister and King Russell are Coming

With the help of my carer I spent yesterday tidying up and re-organising the castle. I rationalised the storage cupboard, made room under the support worker’s bed and cleared a load of shelves in the bathroom cabinet.

This spring clean was very satisfying and a great way to spend the first day of the long weekend. But it wasn’t completely unprompted. In a week’s time Fat Sister and King Russell are coming to stay at the castle. They’re in the process of moving house and need to move out of their current place before they can move into their new one.

I’m really looking forward to having them to stay, although it’ll be a big change – I’ve been living on my own since Poppy moved out last year. Well, living alone in the sense that no one else calls the castle ‘home’, I’m never actually on my own. I often describe my overnight support workers as my ‘rolling flatmate’ and they’ll be going back briefly to sleeping in the living room while Fat Sister and King Russell are here.

The castle is all set – space made, logistics discussed, date set. So now all that’s left to do is wait for their arrival.

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