Fitting In The Bed Department

Will and I were out and about today. We went to a photography exhibition, had a lovely lunch and did a bit of shopping. Will was looking for a new duvet cover so we headed to a large department store.

While we were browsing in the bed department I had a ‘ticcing fit’. Will was quick to come and help me but not before my wheelchair had rolled gently into a display of pillowcases. As he pointed out to me later, there were much worse displays I could have crashed into – crockery, knives, paperweights, etc.

The first thing Will said to me when he got to me was ‘Right, which bed do you want to get into?’ Had I needed to come out of my chair we couldn’t have been in a better place – endless perfectly made beds all around us. But my fit wasn’t a bad one so I stayed in my chair next to an uninspiring selection of beige duvet covers.

Bedding was apparently still very much on my mind as the fit came to an end. As soon as I was able to speak again I started ticcing about wanting a penguin duvet, or more specifically “A bedspread with a picture on it of a penguin in a bath with a bit of asparagus.”

This niche request was something the department store didn’t run to. Maybe I’ve identified a gap in the market for a specialist penguin-based bedding company? My tics have certainly got on board with developing possible product lines:

“Penguin and horse friendship throw.”
“Dreamboat penguin pillow set.”
“Quilted king-size penguin.”

I’ll let you know if this concept ever moves into a more formal business-planning phase.

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3 responses to Fitting In The Bed Department

  1. Danni says:

    I’ve discovered there’s a distinct lack of penguin bedding in this country. Most searches come up with club penguin but they have puffles rather than penguins. If you do decide to sell some you’d have at least one customer 🙂

  2. Michael B says:

    Tourettes Hero Tic Inspired bedding.

    I’m in, time for Kickstarter number two!

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