The Sibling that Never Forgets

Back in 2010 I wrote about Fat Sister’s quiet delight when I hit myself on the head with an ice-lolly. She felt that I was finally getting my just deserts for an incident that happened years before when we were kids when I’d impulsively squished a banana into her head.

She mentioned this again in a guest post she wrote for Carers’ Week in 2012, which proved the memory stuck in her head far more firmly than the fruit had.

This afternoon I ate a banana and in the process squished it into my head. Fat Sister, witnessing this, shouted ‘Justice’, and punched the air. I looked at her and said ‘Really? You’d think with the amount of stuff I’ve squashed into my head over the years your need for retribution would’ve been well and truly satisfied by now.’ She smiled serenely and said ‘Never.’

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