We Did It!

Our Kickstarter campaign came to a triumphant close this morning. An enormous thank you to the 197 people who are supporting me to take Backstage in Biscuit Land to the Edinburgh Fringe.

The appeal raised an incredible £7575, which is way more than the target we set. This is amazing and means we’ll have the resources to make the show as accessible and well promoted as possible.

It also means we’ll be able to buy the props we need to create Biscuit Land for the audience. The list of necessary items is long and outlandish because we let my tics choose the set!

We’d been developing the show and discussing what ‘Chopin’ and I should have on stage with us. My tics kept making suggestions so finally we gave in and let them help. We finished with 101 suggestions from which we’ll choose the most viable.

Some suggestions are probably impractical: “Dick Van Dyke” (too expensive), “A circular saw” (too dangerous), “The whole of Litchfield” (too big) and “The smell of an ice cream parlour and bakery in a different age” (too ethereal).

Developing the show is an interesting and exciting process. It’s been difficult when we’ve thought about some of the more upsetting experiences I’ve had, but for the most part our rehearsals have been full of laughter.

I can’t wait to share the show with all the people who’ve helped make it possible, and knowing we have so much support has given the project a real boost. I look forward to welcoming you all to Biscuit Land in August.

Until then, does anyone know where we can get “A model of the Eiffel Tower made by a Lithuanian”?

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