Flying Anne

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve begun work in earnest on Backstage In Biscuit Land (BIBL) and I’m really enjoying getting stuck into this new creative challenge. As part of our research and development I’ve been looking through bits and pieces from my childhood and I’ve found all sorts of interesting things – drawings, school reports, letters, behaviour charts and so on.

Yesterday I was telling Jess Mabel Jones (AKA “Chopin”) about how I got on at school and about some of my odd behaviour as I was growing up. Later in the evening I came across a film online that communicated beautifully what it was like to be an eleven-year-old girl with Tourettes.

The film’s called Flying Anne and it’s an amazing portrait of a girl who lives in the Netherlands, loves gymnastics, argues with her siblings, and involuntarily licks things. I was totally absorbed by her story and the way it was told.

I hope you’ll be able to watch this film, to reflect on it, share it, and most importantly enjoy this glimpse of life seen from Anne’s perspective.

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