Bat Pig and Robin

When Leftwing Idiot and I arrived back from work earlier we met one of my neighbours on the doorstep and said hello.

We went in inside and a moment later I let out a series of shrieks so ear-piercing Leftwing Idiot had to pop his head out the door and reassure my neighbour I was alright.

The cause of my sudden screeching? Two stunning new pigs caught in a compromising position on the sideboard. The new arrivals are Bat Pig and Robin, and they’re my reward for my recent two fit-free days in a row.

Despite the difficult working conditions the Pig Fairy outlined in her recent correspondence they’re breath-taking creations. Everyone who’s visited the castle since has commented on their quality and detail.

Big thanks to the Pig Fairy and all at Pigworkz®.

It only took me fifteen minutes to calm down, stop shrieking, and get over the shock!

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