Of Boys and Biscuits

Will, Leftwing Idiot and I were out and about near the castle the other day. Leftwing Idiot had popped across the road to see if there was space in a restaurant for us to have a meal. While Will and I were waiting for him three boys walked past us on their way to a nearby shop – and they were chatting excitedly about biscuits!

It was biscuit this and biscuit that, over and over as they discussed what sort of snack to get. Two of the three were strongly pro-biscuits, while the third wanted sweets.

Will and I were both completely thrown. One of the boys noticed my biscuity tics and looked confused – for a moment I was worried he’d thought I was taking the micky, but he obviously didn’t and quickly got back to the conversation with his mates.

Soon after, Leftwing Idiot emerged from the restaurant and beckoned us over. As we crossed the road I looked back to see the boys emerging from the shop, and I’m pleased to report biscuits had won.

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