Do Something Great This Good Friday

So it’s Good Friday, why not do something great? I need your help getting my show on the road. Find out how here.

Having Tourettes means I’m rarely still or quiet. My tics go everywhere I go, and they’re often the first thing people notice about me.

I’ve had tics since I was six, but they were much milder and less noticeable when I was a child. In my early twenties they began to intensify and have a bigger impact on my life. I’ve had to move house and start using a wheelchair as a result. They turn ordinary tasks like making a cup of tea into extreme sports, but they affect me in much subtler ways too.

As a young woman I used to love going to the theatre, but as soon as my unusual noises and movements started to make me stand out, I found it harder and harder.

And I’m not alone – if you search for ‘Tourettes Theatre’ online, many of the top results are articles about people with Tourettes being asked to leave theatres or sit somewhere else because of their condition – something I’ve had first-hand experience of.

I spent years thinking I wouldn’t be able to enjoy going to the theatre ever again. But after a while I decided that rather than miss out on something I enjoy I should give it a try. So I did, and slowly but surely I got my confidence back. Since then I’ve seen some incredible, inspiring shows.

And this eventually got me thinking… What would a Touretteshero show be like? Well, I’m about to find out because in August I’m going to take Backstage In Biscuit Land to the Edinburgh Fringe!

This hour-long creative adventure will explore spontaneity, disability and things you never knew would make you laugh. I’m taking Tourettes to the theatre and putting it in the spotlight!

I used to joke that a seat on stage would be the only place in the theatre I wouldn’t be asked to leave. Now I get to put this to the test.

It’s a challenge I feel ready for: the team’s in place, the venue’s booked, and we’ve got loads of great ideas. But to do it justice we need money, and that’s where I’m hoping you’ll be able to help.

We’re aiming to raise £6000 to cover the cost of taking the show to the Fringe, and to do it we’re using Kickstarter. This well-known crowd-funding website’s already enabled loads of amazing projects to happen. With your help I’d like to add our Edinburgh show to their roll-call of successes.

Kickstarter isn’t just about money though – it’s about giving you an opportunity to be part of the journey. Everybody who contributes will be credited on my website, and we’ve got loads of incredible rewards to choose from too. These include everything from t-shirts, and signed copies of my book Welcome to Biscuit Land, to a chance to choose my #dailyoutburst. You can even become part of the show if you pledge enough!

We’ve only just launched the appeal and the response so far has been incredible. But we’ll only get the money if we hit our target, so I’m counting on your generosity. Please pledge whatever you can and help spread the word with your friends and family – online and in person. We need donors with big bucks and kind hearts and I know you’re out there!

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Even a superhero needs help sometimes, and I know I can depend on you. It’s time to do something great!