World of the Zodiac - Pisces

Just like a fish, time has darted by, which is why my last World of the Zodiac video is a couple of days late. I can’t believe it’s a year since we first recorded these tic-enriched predictions.

Pisces, you’ve had the longest wait and I’m confident you won’t be disappointed, so without further delay here’s your video:

I hope that was insightful. Here’s everything else you need to know to start you off on your new career:

Balloon Modelling Health and Safety
Don’t let the risky nature of this career put you off. Here are some tips on managing the hazards.

Basic Repertoire
Apparently these are the top five balloon animals every modeller needs to know. (Observant as you are Pisces, you’ll certainly notice that of these, only two are animals, and that those two are in fact the same animal.)

But don’t be constrained by convention. I know you’re better than balloon dogs, Pisces. Here are the 22 most impressive things ever made with balloons to spark your imagination.

Most importantly, here’s how to make a lucky balloon goose.

So that’s it then, the end of the World of the Zodiac era. But watch out for more creative videos and collaborations over the coming year. For the time being though, I’m putting my mystic shawl in mothballs.

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  1. Bcp1313 says:

    "As ancient as a fish and as wise as a guillotine"… oh, you’ve just stolen my heart! 🙂

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