The First Time in the History of the World?

Yesterday I wrote about the sort of questions my tics have been asking lately – during dinner with Leftwing Idiot and Poppy this evening they came up with another one:

“Have you thought about why St Petersburg’s paved with horseradish saliva?”

When we’d finished laughing about this strange and funny idea, Leftwing Idiot said ‘I’m certain that no-one, anywhere on earth has ever said that before.’

This was an amazing thought, and as we talked about it some more, we realised none of us could think of a set of circumstances in which my question might realistically have made sense. One of the things I find incredible about tics is the completely random way in which words get thrown together, making new ideas that could never be dreamt up in other ways.

Given how long people have been using language to communicate, the idea that Tourettes can cause me to say something that nobody else has ever said before is thrilling. Of course, there’s no way of knowing for certain if that’s true, and it doesn’t really matter. Despite the challenges of my motor tics, having Tourettes also means I can use words in totally unique and playful ways.

Something else completely unique that’s on the horizon is We Forgot The Lot! , an exciting event for children and young people with Tourettes we’re putting on with Tate Britain. Children will work with some amazing artists to take over and transform the gallery. It’s on April 12th and I really hope you’ll be able to come. I can’t promise any horseradish saliva, but I know it’s going to be full of wonderful one-off moments.

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3 responses to The First Time in the History of the World?

  1. Michael B says:

    I love Tourettes Hero and I love The Tate but I have neither children nor tourettes so I shall have to sit this one out.
    Be sure to post photos, sounds like fun!

  2. The gallery will be open as usual on the day, so if you did want to pop along and check out what we’re up to you’d be very welcome.

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