A Risky Business

Going about life with a fractured elbow is a risky business. I’m still as wobbly on my feet as I’ve been for the last couple of years, and now I’ve only one good arm to break my fall if my legs give way. Leftwing Idiot got cross with me for walking about in the kitchen the other morning, and I could see his point. He’s worried about me injuring myself even more seriously – particularly with We Forgot The Lot! so close on the horizon.

So last week we were both particularly worried by two badly-timed ‘ticcing fits’ and then relieved when they didn’t go quite as wrong as they’d threatened to.

The first one was on Thursday just as I got to work. I was in the process of transferring from the back seat of the cab into my wheelchair. This is hazardous at the best of times but it got a lot worse when my fit started mid-manoeuvre. Leftwing Idiot pushed me down into the seat and clicked the buckle into place before swiftly wheeling me into the building. Fortunately, no further damage was done.

So, one lucky escape.

The following day I was at home at the castle and thought I’d give making a cup of tea a go. I’d just boiled the kettle and was in the process of pouring out the water when… You’ve guessed it, my body suddenly locked up and I lurched into another fit. Leftwing Idiot rushed to prise the kettle from my hands and move me to a safer spot. There was boiling water on the floor, dripping down off the bin, and in my socks!

Again, by good fortune, the damage done was minimal – I didn’t even burn my toes.

I’m absolutely determined to keep myself safe and injury free, at least until after April 12th, even if my body has other ideas.

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  1. Justjo says:

    I have resisted making comments so far, as I feel like I may be regarded as a slightly insane time traveller! It is actually March 2018 as I write this and for the last few weeks I have been ‘binge reading’ your blog after seeing you on a (I suspect repeated) showing of Russell Howard’s programme -who’s title escapes me! – that I happened across late one Saturday night when I was on my own. The reason that I feel compelled to break radio silence was that I wanted to tell you my solution to pesky kettles, just in case you were not yet aware of it. I have a lot of problems with weakness in my hands and wrists due to arthritis and fibromyalgia and last year invested in a kettle that only boils one cupful (with adjustable volumes) at a time and comes out of a convenient spout so you don’t have to pick it up. I don’t know whether nearly four years into the future you have found a solution to the dangerous chore of tea making or whether it has become something that you are no longer risking anyway, but I felt I needed to offer some help,in this predicament. I would suggest searching amazon (other online retailers are of course available,) for one cup water boilers or something similar. I hope this reaches you as my grasp of tech stuff is a bit shonky and I don’t know if you get notifications of comments on old blog posts? In the mean time I will carry on with my binge reading and hope to be up to date in a few more weeks 🙂

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